Senior Secondary School


Good Education is an education that makes-

  • A good human being
  • A responsible member of a family
  • A Cooperative member of a community
  • A Ideal citizen of a country
  • A Sensitive citizen of the World

The teacher in relation to the child is a second mother. She is a facilitator, a guide and a nurturer. The teacher would introduce and methodically present the environment and its micro components to the child. The child then has the freedom to choose according to his needs, interest and aptitude and is also free to learn at his own pace.

A child who learns thus excels in what he is interested in and is consequently motivated to work on what else the environment has to offer. If given the freedom of pace of learning at this stage, the child remains forever eager and spontaneous to learn. This is unlike when the pressure to perform within a time frame is set.

Senior Secondary to Senior Secondary School-

During these years, the student’s intellectual, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth are strengthened and extended to a foundation course designed to suit students from an international background. The smooth transition from childhood to adolescence is facilitated by comprehensive, value- added education. Academic challenges become the focus as the student start preparing for the all India secondary and senior secondary school examination conducted by CBSE, New Delhi.