While the pursuit of academic excellence and the fostering of a lifelong love of learning are the cornerstones of TRIS, our commitment extends beyond scholastic achievement to strike a balance in the lives of our students. Outstanding extracurricular activities provide students with an enriching experience.
Students are given the opportunity to pursue their talents via excellent fine arts and music programs as well as participating in a variety of athletic and sports activities in which they not only participate at school level events but also in the competitions held outside the school and win and bring honour to school.
At TRIS, students embark on a journey of knowledge that encourages them to learn about themselves and the world in which they live in. Within a warm and nurturing atmosphere, they develop strong bonds with their teachers and are encouraged to participate, take risks, become confident and most of all, become contributing members of society. We create a milieu in which youth can flourish while acquiring a deep sense of self-esteem.